Imaginative Justice

Mark NOVEMBER 14, 2019 on your youth ministry calendar and join us in engaging in

imaginative justice save the date.png

In our Google Drive folder, there are 3 things to help you engage youth in imagining what justice can look like in our world:

  • A detailed out-line for a youth group night to be done some time before November 14 to introduce youth to IMAGINATIVE JUSTICE and how they can act with God’s heart in this world, particular in the area of refugees.

  • November 14 we’re asking youth & leaders across Canada to engage in ACTION that helps them empathize & support refugees in our world. Share on social media #imaginativejustice to see what others across Canada are doing!

  • A detailed outline for a youth group night that includes a debrief and thinking together how you continue to have & act on God’s heart for justice. This material is to be used some time after November 14, 2019.

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