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Can you imagine:

·       Children bringing their families closer to God

·       Youth leading our churches into their neighborhoods with the Good News

·       Students introducing their friends to Christ through a vibrant faith

·       Young adults integrating the values of God’s kingdom in all they do

·       Families caring for the hurting, lonely and broken together

·       The next generation being equipped to share their faith and seek biblical justice

·       Communities valuing, loving and supporting each other across generations

·       Churches fulfilling the call to be God’s missional people

·       Children, youth and young adults excited to be part of our church families

·       Youth and young adults starting fresh Kingdom movements and churches

·       All generations deeply in love with God, his Church and his mission

Together our churches CAN see this happen.

We believe God is engaging younger generations with the Gospel and using younger generations to lead the way in Kingdom work.

Can you imagine such a future for our churches?

We can, as together we address the challenges and take hold of the opportunities in this generation.

Fifty key leaders to the next generation gathered for four days last spring to learn from one another and to discuss our current effectiveness as Canadian Baptist Leaders and Churches in reaching the next generation. These Canadian Baptist Youth Leaders from across our nation have identified seven major obstacles and five major opportunities in reaching younger generations with the Gospel. They want to challenge YOU and YOUR CHURCH with three bold action steps.

No matter the size or make-up of your church, you can make a difference to the next generations.

Even if you are 65+ and you are the youngest person in your church, there are things you and your church can do to engage younger generation.

Even if you think you already have a vibrant ministry to the younger generations, there are still things you can do to reach more young people and invite them to join God’s Kingdom work.

The youth and children in our churches do not out number the adults. Far from it. Our churches are aging rapidly…and I don’t mean the buildings.

This next generation needs you to respond.

This next generation needs to know you have not forgotten them.

This next generation needs to see and hear the Gospel through you.

This next generation needs to know the Good News that there is amazing grace that is not based on their performance or their popularity on social media.

This next generation needs to know you care enough to take action.

Are you ready?

For the next number of weeks on this blog we will be taking a closer look at each of the obstacles, opportunities and actions steps in the “Imaginative Hope” report.

Join the conversation. Join in using your imaginative hope to reach THIS generation with the Gospel.

Here is what we’d suggest you do:

1.     Download the full Imaginative Hope report from

2.     Gather a few others (3 to 8 people) in your church that also want to see your church reach more young people

3.     Go through the Imaginative Hope report and these blogs together. Add comments or questions and join the conversation on the blog.

4.     Come up with two or three specific action steps for your context, to reach and engage the next generation with the Gospel  

Contact us if you need help along the way!


Canadian Baptist Youth Team

Renée Embree